A Day In Da Lyfe

A Day In Da Lyfe - Cap Gown & Goldie Tassel

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What's good ya'll, it's the Yung OG with yet another update. I wanted to show y'all a quick preview of my outfit for May 15th. Live from the Thomas & Mack Center here in Vegas ... it's about to be litty !

I wish that I could say the road to this point was easy, even to just be a little flamboyant, but it honestly wasn't. There were quite a few times where I legit thought about dropping out, especially early on this semester when it got really tough during the first few weeks. I figured, man I already have an Associates degree, why am I busting my a$$ for another one? I realized a bit thereafter that with that kind of mindset, I was going to fail so I had to switch up my mental. I kept grinding and with the help of my homies, I managed to pick myself back up and stay in the fight. Now I'm just about a month away from making history for my fam, I'll be 22 with 2 different Associate degrees. No one else in my family in the United States has accomplished that so far, so I know that I'm setting the bar high for the next generation already.

I always knew that I was destined for greatness and success, I was just never able to formulate my vision to the rest of y'all. Now though, everyone's getting a glimpse at what I've been knowing ... I'm one helluva Yung OG.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding my graduation as I approach it slowly but surely. Follow me on the gram $Yung_OGLV or @YungOhGee as well. I appreciate the support and the haters equally...

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