Yung OG Design - R.I.P. Alex Meza

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It's the Yung OG checking in and this time I dropped a piece for one of my fallen homies, Alex Meza. This past week I lost one of my little homies and really - one of the most important people from my childhood. Ever since I can remember, me and Alex have been friends and as youngins, we were always real close. I still remember many days where we would be posted playing Nintendo 64 with his bros, chilling back, and even occasionally getting into trouble. Even in recent years though, Alex was always really cool towards me so the news of his passing hurt me and it's kind of fucking me up. It's just crazy to me how fast life can get switched completely upside down in a moment's notice. I already know that the next few weeks of grieving are going to be long, aggravating and difficult days for me and for a lot of people, but our lives must go on. Really, this whole situation is yet another reminder to not take shit for granted and to appreciate everything around you while you can. Anyways, salute to everyone for checking out my piece and for reading through my post. That's all I got right now - I'm out.

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