Yung OG Design - SELF MADE

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Brand new piece from the Yung OG! This time I finally dropped my "SELF MADE" piece I've been working on and with this one, there's more than meets the eye.....

This piece holds more value to me than my average artwork I post up because to me - it expresses all the things I've been able to accomplish by myself - with no one's help. I made my own website, my own brand, my own designs, edited my own videos, launched my own tees, etc. And look, I'm not ashamed of asking for help when it's needed but one thing I gotta make clear is that I never needed anyone's help to get to this point. I never had to kiss someone's ass or try to ride someone else's coattails, I did it by my lonely - self made. Even outside of this, I recently managed to lose 60 pounds on my own merit without anyone's help and I'm also now a few months out from getting my first Associate's degree with Honors. Just kno - we workin' ...

Back to this though - to me has always been about expressing myself and my work as an artist on my very own platform. I was tired of my shit getting ignored or having people pass me by on some Pharcyde shit so I decided to create my very own site from scratch pretty much. At the end of the day, all artists and designers just want our shit to be noticed and to me this site was the perfect avenue for me to get my shit out there to the public in a real dope way. I could give two fucks about the commissions to keep it real - my intention was and continues to be to get recognition as a dope desiigner / artist - that's it. Anything else is really just extra.

Salute to everyone who fucks with me and my site - just know I'm going to keep improving and I'm also going to keep dropping fire like y'all have come to expect. I didn't mean to get too deep - but shit, sometimes I gotta let y'all know how I'm feeling lol. Anyways, keep it locked into - I got more designs dropping A$AP.

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