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A Day In Da Lyfe - Final$

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About to wrap up yet another bu$y semester within the next week or so. On the real, I've been working everyday on soo much; my homework, notes for my Physics class, my slot machine, and even getting the site poppin'. Yeah, some of that shit is easy to half-step, but I make sure I don't cut corners on anything, I go beast mode on everything. Finals next week got me a little shook but I know what's at stake for me to continue. Plus, I've been prepping tuff on everything so I know I'll be straight for anything. At the end of the day, I'm really just trying to hotbox my GPA, meaning that I want to keep it high as fuuuuuuuck. Haha 😂🚬💨 Quick update from the Yung OG, stay tuned for more trill shyt...

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