Yung OG DESiiGN - TenTen

9:27:00 PM YungOG 0 Comments

What up ya'll, it's the yungin' once again and even though I've been busy with schoolwork this week especially, I decided to set aside some to whip up another piece for ya'll. Here's my TenTen piece that I started on and finished up today. I even managed to drop a dope trailer using the piece & i'm happy with tha final result.

Salute to everyone for their support and for checking out my site, I appreciate it a lot. I just wanted my own avenue to showcase my skills & I've been trying to take advantage of it every chance I get. Anywho, make sure to follow tha kid on Instagram @yung_OGLV and make sure to comment / like my stuff! Peace out ya'll, I'm going to zone out for the nite & play some Final Fantasy 15, be back soon with some more fyyyre!

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