Yung OG Design - Yakuza Steez

11:09:00 PM YungOG 0 Comments

What's up ya'll, it's the champ, the one and only Yung OG, and tonight I'm finally putting up my Tokyo / Yakuza inspired piece. One thing that I can tell ya'll straight up is that I'm only getting better and that my designing skills are improving at an alarming rate. At this point - I'm starting to scare myself by how good I'm becoming at this whole thing.

Ya'll should know that I'm just playing haha - I'm not the flexxing type even though I sometimes feel like I should go all out. But one thing ya'll can expect from me is that I'm gonna keep being humble and dropping fyre a$$ pieces on here & on the gram though - beliee that!

Follow me on IG if you already haven't @Yung_OGLV and make sure to keep checking back on my site. I'm looking forward to updating my site for real in the next few dayzzz!

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