Yung OG Design - R.I.P. Yazer

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4 Years ago today, I lost one of my closest family members and to keep it 100, I felt like I had lost a brother when I first heard the news. My cousin Yazer (Yazr) was only seventeen years old when he passed and ever since then, I haven't been the same. I think the whole event hit me really hard at the time because we were both the same exact age when the accident happened to him and at that age, I felt pretty much invincible. My perspective on a lot of things changed pretty much overnight and I've definitely grown a whole lot mentally since then. That experience goes into what Yung OG stands for to me, Yung in age but feeling older because of my life experiences and the lessons I learned from them, ya dig. Anyways, I decided to work on and finish up a quick piece for my bro today. I spent about four hours on it and I think the final result came out sick!!

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