Initial D

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What up y'all, it's the Yung OG once again & I'm back in full effect! Today I'm dropping my new Initial D inspired piece + video combo and I'm satisfied with the final results. 2017 is set to be a monumental year for me as well as a busy year overall so I'm trying to jam-pack as much content as I can this month for y'all. I got lots of shit planned specifically for the brand too, but I won't get into the specifics just yet, you just gotta wait for it!

Enjoy the video below for my piece / site, it's produced by Negative, you can find his Soundcloud Link right here:

I hope y'all continue to check out my artwork and enjoy it for your own visual consumption. Follow me on Instagram @Yung_OGLV and like / comment / stay tuned to my future content, I appreciate every ounce of support!!

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